Friday, May 24, 2013

Procuring the Eureka Forbes RO

Most of you guys must have heard about Eureka Forbes India and must be using Eureka Forbes products. As I was planning to buy a water purifier, I was browsing through the web to find the best one that suits my purpose. I was transported to one online platform of Eureka Forbes in India. Why I am saying that you guys are familiar with this brand is the millions of satisfied customers in India alone and you must be definitely a part of it! That’s what the site says as also confirmed by reviews posted by hundreds of users of Eureka Forbes water purifiers.

I found over 30 variants of Eureka Forbes water purifiers and what I liked most is a free home demonstration. I instantly sent an enquiry for one for a Eureka Forbes RO water purifier water purifier. I went through the details of all Eureka Forbes water purifiers and Aquaguard Total RO appealed to me the most. Priced at Rs. 14,500, this Eureka Forbes RO comes with an Enhanced Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System. It is designed for sweet water that stays pure and fresh for a long period of time. Features in this system include intelligent auto flush and Argentum nano fresh technology. No wonder there are many genuine reasons why so many satisfied people use Eureka Forbes products.

Best Results of Eureka Forbes RO

I have been using the Eureka Forbes RO purifier with great satisfaction for over two years now. Most of you must be familiar with the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier. Aquaguard Total RO is the purifier I have been using. It comes with an enhanced purification process ensuring the flow of pure and sweet tasting water. Equipped with the avant-garde TDS reduction membrane, it operates efficiently in high TDS conditions of 500 - 2000 ppm. It is also equipped with Nano Silver Technology. You guys will agree with me that no compromises can be made on health and it is water that should be consumed fresh and pure. This is what I and my family are gifted with.

I have also read a lot about Eureka water purifiers in Eureka Forbes Aquaguard review published on web. Most of my neighbors use it and the users’ comments for this product carry the wheels of praise! Unlike other products Eureka water purifiers can be procured through direct sales. And users stay at an advantage because the Eureka Forbes executives who sell the water purifiers are specialists in the field. They perform a home demonstration to let the user know about the uniqueness of the product and how it functions. They first test the water in your house and then suggest the right purifier to be installed.

Friday, April 5, 2013

TFC and CTA RO membranes

Thin Film Composite (TFC or TFM) spiral – this is the RO membrane used in all Eureka Forbes RO systems. The RO membrane is the key component in an RO system though use of multiple filter cartridges is strictly recommended along with this membrane for effective purification. Eureka Forbes Ltd. conducts enough research before incorporating any component, feature, or technology. This company’s ultimate objective is directed towards delivering the best and helping consumers lead healthy happy lives. No wonder you will come across newer Eureka Forbes RO systems being added to the product kitty with time. These are designed in sync with the latest technologies.

When we speak about the Thin Film Composite membranes incorporated in RO systems from Eureka Forbes Ltd., they gain an advantage over the other type - the Cellulose Triacetate (CTA) membrane. Both the membranes are popular in domestic RO systems. While TFC rejects 98 percent of contaminants and is less vulnerable to bacterial odor, CTA rejects 93 percent of standard contaminants and is more susceptible to bacterial odor. CTA’s only advantage over TFC is on chlorine resistance. Use of carbon pre-treatment is a must for TFC membranes. All Eureka Forbes RO systems come with carbon pre-treatment cartridges.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Buzz about the Aquaguard Enhance RO series

Who hasn’t heard about ‘Paani ka Doctor’ from the house of Eureka Forbes? Using this company’s purifier will only mean that you have installed a ‘Paani ka Doctor’ in your kitchen letting your family members lead happy healthy lives by drinking safe and pure water. Much buzz has been created in the RO segment by this Aquaguard RO purifier called the Enhance Green RO. Why not? It is the only RO purifier series in India that lets the user save 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted. Reputation of Eureka Forbes is only growing stronger by the day!

There are two more Eureka Forbes RO systems under the Enhance Aquaguard RO category; these are Enhance RO and Enhance RO+ designed to handle high levels and extremely high levels of TDS respectively.
There are various features of these Aquaguard RO systems worth mentioning here:

  • Scaling of dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium is prevented in the RO membrane by Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer (EMLE)
  • Incorporation of particulate filter and clarity cartridge facilitate depth filtration
  • Enhanced taste is ensured by the special carbon cartridge that removes residual organic impurities.

Read more about this Eureka Forbes RO system series at

Monday, October 29, 2012

Filter Cartridge Dynamics of Aquaguard Reviva Water Purifier

Do you bank 100 percent upon your Eureka Forbes RO system? Your relying on the Total Reviva Aquaguard water purifier is indeed justified. Lakhs of users using this appliance and posting appreciative comments on web well justifies the fact. 

All RO purifiers available in India do reject H2O, i.e. waste gallons of H2O during the purification process. Will not it be wise if you recycle the wasted H2O for non-drinking purposes such as mopping floors, watering gardens, cleaning, etc.? 
Saving precious water, you can be proud of using your Eureka Forbes RO appliance.

So, what are the filter cartridges that your Aquaguard water purifier comes equipped with? Here is a list of the same:
·        Clarity Cartridge
·        Organic Remover Cartridge
·        Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Spiral Membrane
·        Taste Enhancer Cartridge

You may come across RO systems that feature the Cellulose Triacetate (CTA) membrane. What are the advantages of the TFC type given the fact that the RO membrane is the most vital component in an RO system? The TFC membrane in the Eureka Forbes water filter is highly resistant to bacteria, rejects salt effectively, is tolerant to temperature and wide pH range, and has good pressure withstanding capacity.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Filter Cartridges in Nano RO Eureka Forbes Water Filter

Do you know about the filter cartridges incorporated in this Eureka Forbes water filter called AquaSure NanoRO. At the first stage, H2O from tap passes through the pre-filter; suspended physical impurities get trapped here. The partially filtered H2O then passes through the sediment filter. At this second stage, finer suspended particles such as fine dust, etc. get trapped. The next stage of purification takes place involving use of pre-carbon filter. All RO Eureka Forbes water purifiers come equipped with this cartridge. Pre-carbon filter helps in the removal of excess chlorine, carbon, and organic impurities besides reviving the original color of H2O and removing odor. The thin film composite (TFC) RO membrane works at the fourth stage. This is the RO membrane that comes incorporated in all RO Eureka Forbes water purifiers. The TFC membrane controls hardness of the H2O and reduces TDS (total dissolved solids). It removes micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa and cysts including pesticides, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and other new age tough contaminants. The last stage of purification in this Eureka Forbes water filter occurs with the use of post carbon filter; any residual impurities present is ridden of and the original taste of water gets revived.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

RO membrane and maintenance of Aquaguard Reviva

Are you aware of the advantages of the TFC (Thin Film Composite) spiral RO membrane incorporated in your Aquaguard Reviva? The membrane is highly resistant to bacteria, rejects salt effectively, tolerant to temperature, withstands good pressure, and has wide pH range tolerance. Total Reviva from Aquaguard is a rage in the market and the favorite amongst lakhs of mothers. It comes equipped with a unique ‘reverse osmosis plus’ technology that removes harmful lead, which causes brain damage in young children. Besides, it also removes other heavy metals, new age tough contaminants and disease-causing micro organisms during the purification process. TDS levels and hardness are reduced to acceptable standards.

What about maintenance of your Aquaguard Reviva? Ensure that once it is installed, the first filling of the water is discarded from the storage tank. In case the tank H2O is not used for over days, drain it. Heavy or sharp objects should not be placed in it. Do remember to get the filter cartridges and the RO membrane changed after your Aquaguard Reviva has purified 6000 liters of water; replacement should be done by the Eureka Forbes technician. No excessive force should be used to pull or push the water-dispensing lever.