Thursday, January 28, 2010

How safe is your drinking water?

Are you confident that the water you are consuming daily is safe? If you are drinking tap water, then you are certainly inviting diseases into your body. Even a basic filtration system may not completely purify the water that can be deemed safe for drinking. With pollution levels rising at an alarming level and industrial and domestic waste finding their way in the rivers, the water that you get is not at all safe for drinking. No doubt, water is treated in treatment plants yet if you test it, you will come across bacteria, pollutants, pesticides, lead, and a lot other impurities consuming which can take a toll on your health. RO water purifiers can purify the water to be fit for drinking. According to a survey conducted in developing countries, almost eighty percent of illnesses are water-borne, leading to five million deaths every year. It has been rightly said that prevention is better than cure. So, if you are not consuming safe water, get a water purification system installed and reap the benefits of a healthy life.

You may be using an RO system, but do you know what RO exactly means? RO is the abbreviated form of reverse osmosis and it is a process that purifies water, reducing salt content as well as inactivating disease causing bacteria. The technology incorporated in it removes all impurities and retains essential minerals and salts so that the water you consume is completely balanced and 100% pure. The process involves forcing of water molecules through a 0.0001 micron semi permeable membrane by water pressure. The Thin Film Composite membrane comprises long sheets, which are packed in together and rolled up around a hollow central tube in a spiral way. It works automatically and you get absolutely safe water.

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