Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Aquaguard performance

Investing on a water purifier is like investing for a secured health. The statement is very true. Given the high pollutant levels in water, drinking unpurified water can only prove dangerous. And with TDS levels in water in some of the regions across the country being high, people rely on the RO water purifier to get absolutely pure, safe and sweet tasting water.

It is the Eureka Forbes RO that is ruling the roost in the Indian market. There is hardly any literate individual who is not familiar with its Aquaguard brand. The company has a series of the RO water purifier under this brand; worth mentioning are, Aquaguard Total SENSA, Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+, Aquaguard Total Atom to name a few.

Much has been spoken of about the Aquaguard performance. There are thousands of reviews on web that find mention about the different Aquaguard products, features including Aquaguard performance. The commonest traits that these reviews carry about the Eureka Forbes RO water purifier, i.e. Aquaguard are:
• Incorporation of novel technologies
• Products are endorsed by the Indian Medical Association
• Multi-stage purification process for absolutely pure water
• Multiple features that are nowhere else found
• Low maintenance and easy operation
• Good quality of components like filters and membranes used
• Excellent after sales service support.

If you ask your neighbors, friends, relatives, and colleagues about the water purifier brand they are using, majority of the answers will no doubt be centered on the Aquaguard!

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  1. While Aquaguard is well known in the market, the service levels are also known.

    The same enthusiasm of selling the product is not shown for retaining the customer.

    When asked for any service or part replacement after regular wearout, the service personell will respond positively only when you take the AMC with them. Else its again the same bad ols story.