Monday, March 7, 2011

Stay safe against water pollution

Drinking water at regular intervals, totaling to about eight glasses a day, is generally recommended by health experts. Your body comprises of about 70% water and by the time you feel thirsty, your body loses 1% of the total water amount. And if no water purifier is used to treat the water you drink, you are only inviting diseases. Given the high pollution levels, it is a must to use an advanced water purifier. Millions of filter users rely on Eureka Forbes RO water purifier series. This is because each of the system launched has been developed after rigorous research and the mechanism incorporated is in sync with the latest technology. There is nothing that has not been developed at Eureka Forbes in the water filter technology. Once you start using the Eureka Forbes RO filter, you will know the difference.

So, you have heard a lot about many of the Eureka Forbes RO water purifier series. Each of the system is different from the other in terms of technical specification and features. TFC spiral is the RO membrane used; it rejects the contaminants and is unsusceptible to bacterial odor. One Eureka Forbes RO filter that has been well appreciated and used is the ultra compact Aquaguard Total Atom. This RO water purifier has been designed specially for areas with hard water. The 5-stage purification mechanism involved facilitates reduction of TDS level in water, removal of all contaminants and revival of sweet taste.

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