Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Customer care and Atom technical specifications

Professionalism is the core of any customer care service. Imagine calling a customer care number and you get disappointed at the first instance because you are kept waiting and by the time it clicks, you are hardly able to get your purpose served! Well, this is the condition of the customer care centre of many a company. But there is a marked difference when it comes to Eureka Forbes customer care. If you are using this company’s product, you can well know the difference. No matter what time you dial 3988 3333, the Eureka Forbes customer care number, you will always be responded promptly. And the interaction thereafter that follows will let you get your purpose well served.

Much has been spoken about this Eureka Forbes RO system called the Aquaguard Total Atom. You have read a lot about its features. Knowing its technical specifications will let you draw a clearer picture about the system. The Atom weighs 7.1 kg and has 281 x 198 x 413 mm dimensions. With 8 litres/hr flow rate, 90% approximate TDS reduction, 25 watts power rating, 0.6 kg/sq. cm. (min.) input water pressure, and 230 V AC / 50 HZ input voltage, this Eureka Forbes RO system is worth the buy. Besides, the RO membrane used is TFC spiral, which rejects 98% of the contaminants in addition to being unsusceptible to bacterial odor. One of the highlighting features of this Eureka Forbes RO system is incorporation of four extra filter cartridges other than the RO membrane!

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