Monday, October 17, 2011

RO purifiers and Aquaguard

It is RO and RO – the buzzword in towns and cities. But ask all RO users or those who are planning to use such a purification mechanism about it and you will be surprised to find that many do not even know what RO is! There are equally many who just get RO systems installed without knowing whether they really need them or not. The best solution is to get your tap water tested. If water in your area is hard or high in TDS levels (total dissolved solids), it is then that you should use an RO system. Millions of users bank upon the Eureka Forbes RO purifier. You will find innovative technologies not invented elsewhere only with RO systems from Eureka Forbes.

Browse through the complete description and features of every Eureka Forbes RO purifier at the company’s corporate site and you will know the difference. Eureka Forbes has pioneered many breakthrough technologies to enhance purification effectiveness facilitating users lead a disease-free life.

Here is a list of Eureka Forbes RO Aquaguard Purifiers:
  • Aquaguard RO Total ENHANCE
  • Aquaguard RO Total Reviva
  • Aquaguard RO Total Protec+
  • Aquaguard RO Total Atom.

Multi-stage purification mechanism and use of TFC spiral membrane mark every Eureka Forbes RO Aquaguard purifier. The systems are made available right at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is dial 3988 3333. Alternatively you may book an order at the company’s corporate site. Home demo requests of all Aquaguard RO systems are accepted.


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