Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RO membranes in domestic purifiers

Much is buzz in towns and cities about Aquaguard RO systems. What users have liked are the groundbreaking technologies incorporated in them, features that are distinctive from those other models of other brands available in the market. These Eureka Forbes water purifiers, viz. Total Reviva, Total Enhance, and Total Atom come equipped with the TFC spiral RO membrane. Generally, two types of RO membranes are used in domestic purifiers - Thin Film Composite (TFC or TFM) membrane and the Cellulose Triacetate (CTA) membrane. It is on chlorine tolerance and filtration ability that they are different. TFCs are less susceptible to organic fouling while CTA get fouled fast. In terms of rejection of standard contaminants, TFC rejects 98 percent while CTA 93 percent. CTA gains advantage over TFC in terms of chlorine tolerance. TFC membranes are not tolerant to chlorine. This is the reason why Aquaguard RO Eureka Forbes water purifiers are equipped with pre carbon filters to check chlorine. Well, it is not only on the effective membrane that Eureka Forbes lays emphasis; the company incorporates innovative features in each of its purifiers so that users get 100 percent pure and safe water from the faucets. Explore Aquaguard RO systems at