Monday, July 23, 2012

Aquaguard RO systems creating buzz

One RO system that has created much buzz in the country is the Eureka Forbes RO system called the Total Enhance. It is available in three models. It happens to be the only green RO purifier in India that lets the user save 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted. While Enhance Green RO handles low TDS levels, Enhance RO handles high TDS and Enhance RO+ extremely high level of TDS. This innovative Aquaguard RO systems introduced are all a result of research initiatives undertaken by the company. Newer and upgraded systems get added to the product kitty with time since the year 1982. You will always come across groundbreaking technologies with the Aquaguard RO.

Each Eureka Forbes RO system including the aforesaid is endorsed by the Indian Medical Association besides being endorsed by over lakhs of doctors. It is also certified by renowned international labs for quality, technology, and effectiveness in purification. TFC spiral is the RO membrane used in each of the systems; it rejects maximum standard contaminants and the membrane is less susceptible to bacterial odor.

There are various features that the Aquaguard RO Enhance series comes incorporated with. Visit to know about the features in detail.


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