Sunday, September 23, 2012

RO membrane and maintenance of Aquaguard Reviva

Are you aware of the advantages of the TFC (Thin Film Composite) spiral RO membrane incorporated in your Aquaguard Reviva? The membrane is highly resistant to bacteria, rejects salt effectively, tolerant to temperature, withstands good pressure, and has wide pH range tolerance. Total Reviva from Aquaguard is a rage in the market and the favorite amongst lakhs of mothers. It comes equipped with a unique ‘reverse osmosis plus’ technology that removes harmful lead, which causes brain damage in young children. Besides, it also removes other heavy metals, new age tough contaminants and disease-causing micro organisms during the purification process. TDS levels and hardness are reduced to acceptable standards.

What about maintenance of your Aquaguard Reviva? Ensure that once it is installed, the first filling of the water is discarded from the storage tank. In case the tank H2O is not used for over days, drain it. Heavy or sharp objects should not be placed in it. Do remember to get the filter cartridges and the RO membrane changed after your Aquaguard Reviva has purified 6000 liters of water; replacement should be done by the Eureka Forbes technician. No excessive force should be used to pull or push the water-dispensing lever.


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