Monday, November 28, 2011

Buying my AquaSure Elegant Eureka Forbes RO system

It is but surprising to know that water in of the regions across the country has high level of TDS (total dissolved solids). And I have read everywhere that it is only an RO system that facilitates its complete purification. It was some two years ago that I got my tap water tested. The report carried a recommendation about using an RO system. I have seen most of my neighbors, friends, colleagues, and relatives use the Eureka Forbes RO system. Well, it is Eureka Forbes that first introduced domestic water purifiers in the Indian market. And this company has been delivering quality and technology for thirty years now. I came across an article which carries a report about the company winning several international awards for its water purifiers. It is then I thought that there can be no better purifier than the Eureka Forbes RO system. I also came across countless reviews on web about the Eureka Forbes RO system series.
This company has a range of models to choose from. But I must say each of the Eureka Forbes RO system available is at par with the best. I bought the AquaSure Elegant RO from the nearest home consumer durable outlet. It is a multi stage purification system; the mechanism is facilitated by the filter cartridges and TFC spiral RO membrane.

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