Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My spring fresh DX RO Eureka Forbes RO system

Think about spring fresh water flowing in your glass, all ready to quench your thirst and you drink glass after glass during the day till you consume at least eight, the required quantity to maintain a healthy life. As goes the saying, ‘eight glasses of water a day keep diseases at bay’, I am practically experiencing it. So, it is water from Spring fresh DX RO, my Eureka Forbes RO system. The indentation, ‘spring fresh’ truly fits the purifier. Water never tasted so better! Before we started using this Eureka Forbes RO system, we were using some conventional purifier, a candle filter; the water then tasted bad and smelt. Our family hardly felt like drinking it. It has been for almost six months that we have been satisfactorily using the Spring fresh DX RO Eureka Forbes RO system.

I bought it for Rs. 13,990 from the nearest home appliance store. Wise buying decisions need to be taken before you buy such a product, which is an investment for your health. So I conducted enough research on web and ultimately came to the conclusion that there can be no better company than Eureka Forbes to rely on. I then visited this company’s corporate site to have a look at its product. I was surprised to find so many varieties in Eureka Forbes RO models under two different brands. And the Spring fresh DX RO Eureka Forbes RO system with five stage purification mechanism, having a capacity of 8 litres, attracted my attention.

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