Monday, December 26, 2011

Aquaguard RO Total PROTEC+ - protection from water borne diseases

The phrase ‘protection from water borne diseases’ is truly synonymous to Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+. Indeed it is. This Eureka Forbes RO system has been designed to lower the TDS (total dissolved solids) level in water besides ridding it of all disease causing micro organisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa, etc. including new age tough contaminants. The latest 3G technology incorporated in Aquaguard RO Total PROTEC+ is worth mentioning. This feature facilitates electronic enhancement of membrane life. It comes with a storage capacity of 10 litres – ideal for big families. Price of Aquaguard RO Total PROTEC+ is Rs. 13,990.

Weighing 10.4 kg with dimensions (W x D x H) in mm at 265 x 395 x 422, flow rate at 10 litres/hr, electronic MLE, TFC spiral RO membrane, 40 watts power rating, 0.6-2.0 Kg/ input water pressure, and 230 V AC / 50 Hz, the Aquaguard RO Total PROTEC+ is worth the buy. If the pressure of water is higher than the maximum specified, do use a pressure reducing valve.

So, how do you order this Eureka Forbes RO system? Dial 3988 3333 to place an order or book it at the company’s corporate site – Bookings can be done for only Rs. 2,700. The rest of the amount can be paid by cash on delivery. You may also requests for home demonstration of Aquaguard RO Total PROTEC+. Worry not when you receive the Eureka Forbes RO system at home. Trained specialists from Eureka Forbes will help you in the installation process.


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