Monday, January 9, 2012

How I got the Total Atom Eureka Forbes RO system

It was some two months that I shifted to this apartment in a residential colony. In a week’s time, I managed to make friends with few neighbors; thanks to the park where we do the morning walk and meditation together. The water coming from the tap tasted salty. I had not yet then bought a water purifier. I asked my neighbors about the best purification system available in the market. Most of the answers centred on the Eureka Forbes RO system. They emphasized on one point that I should go for an RO system only as water in the area is high in TDS. According to them, the Eureka Forbes RO system series is the most effective amid the other brands and models available in the market. One of them gave me the company’s customer care number.

Dialing 3988 3333, I enquired about all the available Eureka Forbes RO system series. The executive on the other line responded promptly and courteously. I requested for a home demo of the AquaGuard Total Atom. My nearest neighbor uses the Total Atom Eureka Forbes RO system. I was satisfied with the complete mechanism.

The very next day, the company executive arrived with the Total Atom Eureka Forbes RO system. I then got it installed. There are various features of this system that are worth mentioning. Tamper-proof reject water valve, enhanced booster pump, silver surety technology, dual flow tap, automatic water level sensor – these and more mark the identity of Total Atom Eureka Forbes RO system.


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